Leadership Through Better Communication

Our mission is to create truly global corporations through better communication skills. We believe that effective global leadership is accomplished through successful communication.

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Total Solution

The challenges of the global business environment require not only technical and management expertise, but also cultural awareness, business communication skills, and language proficiency. Please hover on each icon to reveal details.


  • Vocabulary
  • Listening
  • Fluency
  • Accuracy
  • Writing


  • Working with Americans
  • Working with Japan
  • Building Global Teams
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Pre-Departure Training


  • Proactive listening
  • Global Teleconferencing
  • Presentations
  • Report writing
  • Assertiveness & Debate
  • Logic & Persuasion
  • Negotiations

Optimizing and Improving Your Global Business

To support our client organization's development and growth, we provide coaching and training programs that improve global business and communication skills. We primarily help our client by developing their understanding of global business best practices. In addition, we work to optimize and improve language and intercultural skills, in order to help our clients build relationships and maintain effective global communication lines.

  • Training

    Training develops the knowledge and communications skills necessary for future leaders and enables global teams to reach maximum productivity.

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  • Coaching

    Coaching supports rapid development for individuals. As consultants, we work with your key stakeholders to design a coaching experience tailored to your needs. As coaches, we strive to work with you in a creative process to reach your goals.

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  • Consulting

    Consulting services include program design and evaluation, testing of individuals and groups with a variety of metrics, and actionable feedback to improve your bottom line results.

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Who We Serve

Our clients are global corporations doing business in Japan and Japanese companies who wish to globalize their business.

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