We design programs based on your corporate values and best practices.

Who We Are

We currently provide services for a wide variety of clients in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Sendai, Sapporo, and Tsukuba, Japan. ETG’s clients are primarily in the IT industry, semiconductors, embedded software, data storage, and retail. We also have experience in the Pharmaceutical, HR, and shipping industries. Our goal is to design programs based on your corporate values and then provide you with experienced trainers and coaches with academic qualifications and extensive experience in Japan. Coaches are professionally trained in methods approved by the International Coach Federation. For evaluation of training results and setting objectives consultants use the Kirkpatrick Method. For intercultural metrics and assessments, we partner with Aperion Global (GlobeSmart). We have also published a radio show and book with NHK, Newmon Business Eigo, 入門ビジネス英語 (2010).

Our History

Enterprise Training Group, Ltd. was established in August 2000. Our clients are global corporations doing business in Japan and Japanese companies who wish to globalize their business. We provide consulting, coaching, and customized training programs to increase cultural awareness, improve business communication skills, and foster global corporations. The director and founder, Edward Smyth, has over 20 years experience working with corporations as a trainer, executive coach, and consultant.

Our Team

We provide highly-qualified consultants, coaches and trainers to our corporate clients in Japan. We only dispatch experienced professionals who have knowledge of Japanese culture and business practices, corporate experience in Japan, advanced education, and proven talent. Through this skilled team, we can offer a broad range of training and consulting services. Click on each team member to reveal their full profile.

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