ETG coaching supports rapid development of key talent.

Total Solution

The challenges of the global business environment require not only technical and management expertise, but also cultural awareness, business communication skills, and language proficiency. Please hover on each icon to reveal details.


  • Vocabulary
  • Listening
  • Fluency
  • Accuracy
  • Writing


  • Working with Americans
  • Working with Japan
  • Building Global Teams
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Pre-Departure Training


  • Proactive listening
  • Global Teleconferencing
  • Presentations
  • Report writing
  • Assertiveness & Debate
  • Logic & Persuasion
  • Negotiations

Customized Business Coaching

The agenda is set by you – we help you create the objectives, performance metrics, and roadmap. As consultants, we work with your key stakeholders to design a coaching experience tailored to your needs.

Six Programs Offered

Coaching for Business Performance

Get support now. We look at your current task list and help you improve your e-mail, reports, presentations, meeting and teleconferences. We identify areas for improvement and help you work on them with instruction, observation on the job, feedback and exercises. Develop the communication skills and vocabulary you need for work today.

Coaching to Bridge Cultures

Learn the theory and best practices of Intercultural Communications. We help you build relationships and credibility as a global team member or leader. Examine specific cultures you work with using online tools and ETG simulations. Develop global communicative competence.

Coaching for Insight and Inspiration

Watch and understand the best talks at Participate in lively discussions on interesting and important topics. Learn how to summarize effectively, present your opinions clearly, and debate key ideas in today’s world. Broaden your perspectives on global issues and deepen your knowledge of yourself.

Coaching for Career Development

Access and understand top-quality courses created by Harvard and Oxford Universities. Tap leading experts in specific areas, for example Linda Hill on managing change, or Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte on creating great presentations.

Coaching to Succeed Abroad (pre-departure)

Prepare for your arrival in a new cultural environment. Quickly get the knowledge and skills you need to make your trip, OJT or transfer go well. We coach Japanese executives going abroad, foreign executives coming to Japan, and Japanese hosts of foreign VIPs. Lay the foundations for your success as a global business person.

Coaching to Improve Communication Skills

Develop the skills and acquire the knowledge you need for career advancement. In addition to managing change and presenting, we offer coaching in the following areas:

  • Writing Proposals, Reports and Business Updates
  • Assertive Speaking and Proactive Listening
  • Logical Thinking and Debate
  • Meeting Participation and Leadership
  • Persuasion and Negotiation
  • Handling Issues and Complaints in Email

Global Business Communication Coaching

Coaching supports rapid development of individuals. Design of a coaching program typically includes consultation with clients and key stakeholders, observations, and the use of a variety of assessment tools such as the GlobeSmart® Leadership Assessment or Leadership Circles®. Coaching meets objectives that are relevant to specific functions at work, such as adapting to a new role involving increased global teamwork. A coach is also able to support leaders as they manage conflict and improve collaboration in global teams. Coaching combined with intensive team training produces even greater results. Global business communication coaching is appropriate for key-talent development.

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